Renewing My Prana

Prana or life energy, otherwise known as chi, is the name of my favourite spa in Bali. Designed with an exotic Moroccan / Indian look, it has the feel of a well loved Turkish Hamam (the famous steam bath and massage centres). Gold and burgundy are the colours of its decor, ... read more

Feeling Good, Looking Great

Cocoon the award winning spa located in both Seminyak and Ubud have done it again with the launch of their new product - the Quanta LASER 3D Skin Rejuvenator from Italy. This laser helps to keep your face firm and stop the formation of lines, and is now offered in ... read more

The Wild Dogs of Kintamani

Up in the mountains of Bali, is an area where wild dogs roam, patrolling the roads at night and looking for trouble. They are long distant ancestors of wolves and look like it. Their pointed sharp noses and feral eyes denote some different kind of energy to your normal happy ... read more