The Wild Dogs of Kintamani

November 21st, 2016

Up in the mountains of Bali, is an area where wild dogs roam, patrolling the roads at night and looking for trouble. They are long distant ancestors of wolves and look like it. Their pointed sharp noses and feral eyes denote some different kind of energy to your normal happy domesticated hounds.

When they are well looked after they are fluffy and white and very cute, but when they are left to their own devices, they take on a leaner, meaner look, rather like humans who have suffered. Different animal breeders, like a group in Japan have taken some of these dogs to inject new genes into their own cute species and they are well regarded.

These hard headed dogs are stubborn and difficult to manage but are incredibly loyal to those they accept into their tribe. If you do come to Bali, be sure to take a trip into the cool mountains and see if you can spot some. In the markets, people sell these puppies. Cute, fluffy intelligent and lively, they are almost irresistable and beware, if you pick one up. You will probably fall in love.